Technical Readout

Skill: Capital Ship Piloting
Length: 216 meters Crew: 13-54 and VI Passengers: Unknown Cargo Capacity: 500 metric tons Altitude: Space
Consumables: 5 Years
Cost: Unknown Availability: Unavailable
Move: 400 (1,150 km/h)
DR: 60 (70 against Energy Weapons – Silaris Armor) KB: 40 Cyclonic Barrier Technology (CBT) HP: 300
Speed: 9 (Antiproton Thrusters)
FTL Charge Saturation Time: 400h (Tantalus Drive Core)
FTL Discharge Time: 4h
Sensors: Active: 240 / Passive: 500

Skill: Sensors (active) Fire Arc: All Space Range: 5 Atmosphere Range: 2km
Damage: 10D (ignore KB)
2 Mass Accelerator Turrets
Skill: Capital Ship Weapons Fire Arc: All Space Range: 24 Atmosphere Range: 10km
Damage: 10D (ignore DR for starships)
Javelin Dual Disruptor Torpedoes
Skill: Capital Ship Weapons Fire Arc: Front Space Range: 12 Atmosphere Range: 5km
Damage: 70+10D (ignore KB)


IES (internal emission sink) – The Abottabad can go to ‘silent running’ for around up to 3 hours, or drift passively through a system for days before having to vent and give away her position. When trying to detect the Abottabad on a passive or active scan when she is on silent run add +20 to difficulty.
Fusion Plant Power for the Abottabad’s drive core and electrical systems is provided by a nuclear fusion plant. H-fuel cells provide auxiliary power in case the main reactor is shut down. If the ship is hit and about to lose its power the backup kicks in.

Technical Readout

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