Richard Dreiden

Human, Chief Navigator - SSV Abbottabad


Name: Richard Dreiden
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Species: Human
Age: 29 Weight: 219 lb. Height: 6’0"


Personnel Overview

Brief History: An alumni of the Alliance’s flight school, Richard Dreiden graduated at the top of his class, earning a degree in astrogation, as well as his commendation to serve in the Alliance Navy. He served aboard the SSV Shenyang for most of his career before he was transferred to the SSV Hastings during the final months of the Reaper War. Regarded as one of the finest navigators in the Alliance, Dreiden was recruited by Hackett to serve as Chief Navigator aboard the SSV Abbottabad.

Personality: With one of the most intelligent minds in the field of astrogation, Dreiden prides himself on his peerless ability to navigate nearly any star cluster in the known universe. While this has led him to display a slightly arrogant attitude, he has always managed to form a friendship with the pilot of his current posting. He is genuinely friendly, with a sense of humor he’s not afraid to put to use. While he has admitted he doesn’t have the heart for front-line combat, he admires those who do.

Morality: Paragon

Likes: Astrogation, Starships, Space, Humor, Friendship, Kindness

Dislikes: Reckless Flying, Inaccurate Charts, Being grounded

Richard Dreiden

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