Raidok Karlothian

Turian Special Forces, Executive Officer - SSV Abbottabad


Name: Raidok Karlothian
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Species: Turian
Age: 34 Weight: 234 lb. Height: 6’4"
Medals: 3 Paragon Points: 9 Renegade Points: 0
Character Points: 20 Character Points Total: 40

Dexterity: 4D

  • Acrobatics 4D
  • Artillery 4D+1
  • Ranged 4D+6
    • Sniper Rifles +18
    • Assault Rifles +4
    • Pistols +4
  • Grenades 4D+2
  • Heavy Weapons 4D+1
  • Vehicle Weapons 4D
  • Dodge 4D+1

Perception: 3D

  • Command 3D+4
  • Intimidation 3D
  • Investigation 3D+2
  • Persuasion 3D
  • Search 3D
  • Sneak 3D

Strength: 2D

  • Brawling 2D
  • Climbing/Jumping 2D
  • Melee 2D+2
  • Omni-Blade 2D
  • Shield 2D

Knowledge: 3D

  • Law Enforcement 3D+2
  • Planetary Systems 3D
  • Streetwise 3D+2
  • Survival 3D
  • Tactics 3D+6
  • Willpower 3D

Mechanical: 3D

  • Capital Ship Gunnery 3D+1
  • Communications 3D
  • Rover Operation 3D+1
  • Sensors 3D
  • Starship Gunnery 3D+1
  • Starship Piloting 3D

Technical: 3D

  • Armor Repair 3D
  • Electronic Devices 3D
  • Demolitions 3D
  • Modding 3D
  • Weapons Repair 3D+2
    • Gunnery Repair +2


  • Combat: Assassination

Move: 10
Ranged DV: 13 Melee DV: 8 Brawling DV: 6
Starship DV: 9 Vehicle DV: 9
Melee Damage: 2 Damage Resistance: 9
Initiative: 14 Hit Points: 26 Current Hit Points: 26


  • Elkoss Combine Assassin Armor DR: 7 KB: 9 Mod Slots: 2 Penalties: None Armor Mods: None


  • Cerberus Skunkworks M-13 Raptor Sniper Rifle Range: 190m Damage: 4D+1/8D+1 Mod Slots: 2 Mods: Combat Optics (+2 to hit)
  • Systems Alliance M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol Range: 30m Damage: 5D Mod Slots: 2 Mods: None
  • Gothran Combat Series Dagger Hands: 1 Damage: MD+2


  • Aldin Labs Bluewire Tool Series TSB: None TTS: None KBB: None Functions: Civilian Medi-Gel: 4 Omni-Gel: 5


  • Field Backpack, Ration Bar (5), Rebreather, Welder Torch, Military Grade Goggles, Multi-Cuffs

Credits: 3,200


Raidok Karlothian was born on Palaven in the capital city of Cipritine in 2160 CE. His father, Verahn, was a decorated officer in the Turian military, commanding the 52nd Marine Regiment during the First Contact War, and his mother, Serys, served for a number of years as a C-Sec officer. Raidok was raised in a strict military household, even for a Turian, and Raidok grew up listening to tales of his parent’s heroic endeavors in both the military and C-Sec.

At age 15, Raidok followed in his father’s footsteps and enlisted in the Turian military, and was shipped off to boot camp. After a year of training, Raidok was assigned to the 87th Infantry and stationed on a Turian military colony in the Apien Crest.

Over the next several years, the 87th Infantry engaged in numerous armed conflicts with Batarian pirates and other criminal elements throughout Citadel space, and his excellent performance in combat garnered the recognition of his commanding officer. In 2182 CE, Raidok was promoted to Centurion and given command of the 75th Marine Regiment, becoming one of the youngest Turians to gain command of a regiment.

Raidok profile

Raidok’s first major conflict as Centurion was the attack on the Citadel by ex-Spectre and Turian traitor Saren Arterius. The 75th assisted Commander John Shepard of humanity’s Systems Alliance in pushing back the geth invasion force. Shepard’s bravery instilled a newfound belief in humanity, one that his parents lacked and had taught Raidok to be distrustful of the young race.

Following the Battle of the Citadel, the 75th – and other Turian regiments – assisted the Alliance Navy in raiding and destroying geth holdouts within Citadel space. In 2185 CE, a separatist Turian group destroyed the capital city of Taetrus, a turian colony in the Mactare system. Following the Turian Hierarchy’s declaration of war against the Facinus separatists, Raidok led the 75th Regiment against the group and was vital in eliminating the enemy and securing victory.

Raidok’s accomplishments once again caught the attention of his superiors, this time General Corinthus. Impressed with both Raidok’s skill in battle and leadership ability, Corinthus promoted Raidok to Master Centurion and assigned him to the elite Turian special operations group known as Blackwatch. Raidok accepted the new position with honor, and he was named Gunnery Officer aboard the Obsidian, Blackwatch’s ship.

Much of Raidok’s service during his first year with Blackwatch was classified, though he stood out amongst his fellow soldiers for his tactical planning and marksmanship. When the Reaper War began in 2186 CE, Blackwatch was pulled from Palaven by Primarch Adrien Victus and mobilized to defend other parts of Citadel space that were in dire need of assistance.

Raidok takes cover

Eventually, Blackwatch was dispatched to assist in the defense of Menae following the Reapers attack and the destruction of the Undaunted and the Resolute. Raidok commanded the main battery onboard the Obsidian in the attack, and eventually was deployed to the surface of Palaven to assist the evacuation ordered by Fleet Admiral Irix Coronati.

Following Commander Shepard’s efforts in releasing the genophage cure and the Krogan’s promise to help take back Palaven, Blackwatch was tasked with leading a special assault force in combating the Reaper forces on Palaven’s surface. Eventually, Blackwatch led the combined Turian and Krogan forces into Cipritine and fought tirelessly to take back the city, eventually succeeding. With Palaven secured, in what would become known as “The Miracle at Palaven”, the Obsidian was sent to Earth to assist in the final strike against the Reapers.

Despite heavy losses to the allied fleet, the Obsidian survived the battle when the Reapers were ultimately destroyed by the heroic sacrifice of Commander Shepard. Raidok, remembering the Battle of the Citadel, attended the memorial for Commander Shepard and those lost in the battle.

Raidok pose

The next several years saw a major recovery of the galaxy, including reconstruction of the Citadel and the damaged mass relays. In 2190 CE, the galaxy was largely returned to normal, though Raidok never forgot the sacrifice of Commander Shepard and so many others. Following the formation of the Citadel Special Tactics Force and the Deep Space Exploratory Mandate of 2191 CE, Raidok was asked to join the elite Exploratory Reconnaissance Force, a position he greatly accepted.

Raidok was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to the SSV Abbottabad ER-9 as Executive Officer, under the command of Staff Commander Byron von Steppenworf, a N7 Marine and veteran of the Reaper War. Believing the station to be of the highest honor, Raidok has proved to be an accomplished officer and his tactical knowledge has proved invaluable to the crew of the SSV Abbottabad in exploring the unknown.

Raidok Karlothian

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