Firuzah Kalhi

Drell Assassin, Communications Specialist - SSV Abbottabad


Name: Firuzah Kalhi
Rank: Operations Chief
Species: Drell
Age: 32 Weight: 180 lb. Height: 5’10"
Medals: 3 Paragon Points: 0 Renegade Points: 9
Character Points: 40 Character Points Total:45

Dexterity: 3D

  • Acrobatics 3D+3
    • Contortion +2
  • Dodge 3D+1
  • Grenades 3D
  • Ranged 3D+1
  • Sleight of Hand 3D+2
  • Thrown Weapons 3D

Perception: 3D+2

  • Bargain 3D+2+1
  • Forgery 3D+2
  • Hide 3D+2
  • Intimidation 3D+2
  • Search 3D+2
  • Sneak 3D+2+1

Strength: 3D+1

  • Brawling 3D+1+4
  • Climbing/Jumping 3D+1+1
  • Omni-Blade 3D+1
  • Shield 3D+1
  • Stamina 3D+1

Knowledge: 3D

  • Law Enforcement 3D
  • Streetwise 3D
  • Survival 3D
  • Tactics 3D
  • Willpower 3D+2
  • Xenolinguistics 3D+2
    • Common Slang +2

Mechanical: 2D

  • Communications 2D+4
  • Navigation 2D
  • Rover Operations 2D
  • SKyCar Operations 2D

Technical: 2D

  • Decryption 2D
  • Demolitions 2D
  • Electronic Systems 2D
  • Modding 2D
  • Repair 2D

Biotic: 1D

  • Throw

Move: 10
Ranged DV: 9 Melee DV: 10 Brawling DV: 14
Starship DV: 6 Vehicle DV: 6
Melee Damage: 1 Damage Resistance: 6
Initiative: 14 Hit Points: 29 Current Hit Points: 24


  • Sirta Foundation Phoenix Armor DR: 3 KB: 7 Mod Slots: 1 Penalties: None Armor Mods: Sneak (+3 to Sneak)


  • Aegohr Munitions Scorpion Heavy Pistol Range: 30m Damage: 5D+2 Mod Slots: 2_*Mods:*_ None
  • Gothran Combat Series Dagger Hands: 1 Damage: MD+2 Mod Slots: None


  • Aldin Labs Bluewire Tool Series TSB: None TTS: None KBB: None Functions: Civilian Medi-Gel: 0 Omni-Gel: 0

Field Backpack, Ration Bar (x5), Rebreather

Credits: 4400


And at long last I am Whole again.

Born 2161 CE to Narell, a priest of the Old Ways doing missionary work on the cemetery planet Rakhana and his partner Rhyss, a former Assassin who sought a deeper connection to her faith. Raised travelling between her parents, she spend time on Kahje, Rakhana, and several space stations.

With the sensitive nature of her parents occupations, she learned quickly to make her own entertainment. She developed the ability to adapt quickly to the various cultures she came into – the duct rats of the Citadel, orphans in the monasteries of Kahje and Rakhana. Making herself useful or making herself scarce, she picked up on the nuances on colloquialisms in each area. Her mother, noticing this, began having her officially shadow on hits at 9 years of age. At 12 she began to helping with captures, minor bounties and interrogations.

When she was 15, a mission of her mother’s went awry and she rushed in. The mercenary her mother was tailing turned out to be a member of a fairly dangerous outfit. Watching them torturing her mother she moved into action, mimicking everything she had seen. After her mother was secure, she set about cleaning – marking her count at four kills, six missing.

In two years time, she discovered for her mother’s faltering – early onset of Kepral’s Syndrome, exacerbated by the torture at the hand of the mercenaries. Tensions rose in her family – Narell was greatly upset by her mother’s choice of occupation and her apparent choice to follow. Rhyss loathed being harassed into seeing a doctor by her daughter and the father of her child.

When her mother’s health declined, she spent most of that year on Rakhana, studying scripture soullessly and sharing memories with her mother. After her death, Kalhi began working small jobs, using her mother’s handle, Serpent. She began taking jobs, particularly from Kolyat Krios, after an influx of young drell arrived on Rakhana. The two kept close enough contact as he began studies, but after her father discovered their arrangement, he effectively disowned her. While the monastery on Rakhana was something of a safe haven, Narell and Kalhi’s relationship is still strained to this day.

By the time she was twenty, Kalhi’s talents attracted the notice of the Hanar/Drell embassy and was contracted to be a bodyguard for a low-ranking ambassador. When the Reaper War began, she – like most of the able bodied drell- was summoned to join the Drell-Hanar fleet. Working as basically a glorified messenger might have hurt her pride, had it not been on such a grand scale.

As comms in London became overtaxed and dropped, teams began reporting reroutes for backup and supply drops in what seemed to be the native tongue of several different alien teams. While the translations were traced back to her, Kalhi was declared missing in action soon after the end of the Battle for London.

Kalhi made herself scarce almost as soon as the victory was announced. Being in the battle was harrowing, having moved from solo operation to full scale war within a few years. Watching so many die at the hands of entities so unfeeling began pushing her deeper into her battle sleep. She went back to assassin work, being known as dead twice over doing wonders for her reputation.

In 2190, she was found by the Hanar/Drell Embassy and brought in to work for the Alliance. Her review being noted for one moment in particular – after the explanation of the new endeavor, she sat in perfect silence for a moment. She then extended her hand and with a small, fleeting smile spoke.

“And at long last, I am Whole again. I am honored to join you.”

Firuzah Kalhi

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