Gregory Valentine

Human, Requisitions Officer - SSV Abbottabad


Name: Gregory Valentine
Rank: Service Chief
Species: Human
Age: 28 Weight: 224 lb. Height: 6’1"


Personnel Overview

Brief History: Gregory Valentine enlisted in the Alliance military after the outbreak of the Reaper War, earning a placement in foreign ordnance procurement. His knowledge of weaponry and armament manufactured by off-world companies earned him a position aboard the SSV Cairo as an assistant requisitions specialist. Following the war, Valentine worked with several defense companies to organize a direct line to the Alliance military, and it was because of this he was selected to serve as the Abbottabad’s Requisitions Officer.

Personality: Valentine does not concern himself with military politics, preferring to do the best he can at his job and keep the soldiers armed with the latest in non-standard weaponry. Always respectful and dutiful, he maintains a strict adherence to protocol, often having to remind some of the veteran officers that everyone must follow the book.

Morality: Neutral

Likes: Military Protocol, Weaponry, Advanced Armament, Good Business

Dislikes: Disregard of protocol, Archaic Weaponry, Misuse of ordnance

Gregory Valentine

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