Duana Jun

Volus, Yeoman - SSV Abbottabad


Name: Duana Jun
Rank: Serviceman Second Class
Species: Volus
Age: 38 Weight: 120 lb. Height: 5’1"


Personnel Overview

Brief History: A former financial advisor to the Turian Hierarchy, Duana Jun made a name for himself advising some of the most famous Turian military officials. During the Reaper War, he served as logistical and administrative coordinator for the elite Turian special forces unit called Blackwatch. Jun remained with Blackwatch following the war, but was brought to serve aboard the Abbottabad as Yeoman when Raidok Karlothian was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Personality: Duana Jun keeps to himself, preferring to keep to his clerical and administrative duties than mingle with others. However, he does have a friendship with Lieutenant Commander Karlothian, both from their days in Blackwatch and their current posting. He is friendly, however, and will engage in conversation with just about anyone if spoken to. He is at times overwhelmed by the fact that he is the first Volus to serve aboard an Alliance vessel.

Morality: Neutral

Likes: Business, Cleanliness, Order, Friendliness, Fair Trade

Dislikes: Greed, Undercutting, Disorder

Duana Jun

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