Dr. Neris Plyon

Asari Scientist, Science Officer - SSV Abbottabad


Name: Neris Plyon
Rank: First Lieutenant
Species: Asari
Age: 587 Weight: 163 lb. Height: 5’9"
Medals: 3 Paragon Points: 6 Renegade Points: 0
Character Points: 0 Character Points Total: 0

Dexterity: 2D

  • Acrobatics 2D
  • Dodge 2D
  • Ranged 2D+2
  • Sleight of Hand 2D
  • Thrown Weapons 2D
  • Vehicle Weapons 2D
  • Zero G Training 2D

Perception: 2D

  • Bargain 2D
  • Con 2D
  • Hide 2D
  • Investigation 2D+1
  • Persuasion 2D+4
  • Search 2D
  • Sneak 2D

Strength: 2D

  • Brawling 2D
  • Climbing/Jumping 2D
  • Melee 2D
  • Omni-Blade 2D+1
  • Stamina 2D
  • Swimming 2D
  • Shield 2D

Knowledge: 5D

  • Alien Species 5D+4
    • Xenobiology +3
  • Bureaucracy 5D
  • Cultures 5D+2
  • Planetary Systems 5D+3
  • Scholar 5D+1
  • Streetwise 5D
  • Survival 5D
  • Value 5D
  • Willpower 5D
  • Xeno Linguistics 5D

Mechanical: 2D

  • Capital Ship Piloting 2D
  • Communications 2D
  • Navigation 2D
  • Rover Operation 2D
  • Sensors 2D
  • SkyCar Operation 2D
  • Starship Piloting 2D

Technical: 3D

  • VI 3D+1
  • Biotic Amp Repair 3D
  • Electronic Devices 3D+1
  • Decryption 3D+1
  • First Aid 3D
  • Repair 3D
  • Starship Systems 3D
  • Synthetics 3D+1

Biotic: 2D

  • Throw 2D
  • Barrier 2D
  • Stasis 2D
  • Pull 2D

Move: 10
Ranged DV: 6 Melee DV: 6 Brawling DV: 6
Starship DV: 6 Vehicle DV: 6
Melee Damage: 2 Damage Resistance: 5
Initiative: 8 Hit Points: 26 Current Hit Points: 26


  • Devlon Industries Survivor Armor DR: 3 KB: 4 Mod Slots: 1 Penalties: None Armor Mods: None


  • Elanus Risk Control Services M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun Range: 20m Damage: 4D+1 Mod Slots: 1 Mods: None


  • Elkoss Combine Cipher Tool Series TSB: +4 all repair skills TTB: None KBB: None Functions: Civilian and Commercvial Medi-Gel: 5 Omni-Gel: 15


  • Field Backpack, Space Tape 2, Ration Bar (5), Rebreather, Multi Spectral Scanner, Binocular Goggles

Personnel Overview

Brief History: Dr. Neris Plyon worked as a scientist on Thessia for nearly three centuries, before moving to the Citadel to continue her research in xenobiology. In the years before the Reaper War, Dr. Plyon befriended many individuals of other species, which has led her to become one of the leading minds in her field. Following the war, she served as a liaison to military expectational forces, lending her knowledge and resources to both the Systems Alliance and the armed forces of other Citadel species. Dr. Plyon was one of the first officers chosen to serve aboard the SSV Abbottabad, and has since promised to help find a cure for Kepral’s Syndrome.

Personality: Analytical, curious, and highly intellectual, Dr. Plyon is always willing to discover and learn new things, whether it be in a scientific field or anything else that she may find interesting. Dr. Plyon does not flaunt her intelligence and strongly dislikes those who do. She firmly believes that intelligence should be used to benefit all organic beings, and believes that one species should not be put before another.

Morality: Paragon

Likes: Intelligence, Sharing of knowledge, Research, Friendship, Acceptance

Dislikes: Arrogance, Hoarding of knowledge, Speciesism

Dr. Neris Plyon

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