Dr. Adrian Sannikov

Human, Chief Medical Officer - SSV Abbottabad


Name: Adrian Sannikov
Rank: First Lieutenant
Species: Human
Age: 34 Weight: 172 lb. Height: 5’11"


Personnel Overview

Brief History: Born in Moscow, Russia, Adrian Sannikov graduated at the top of his class from Russia’s finest medial school, and went on to enlist in the Alliance military after his brother was killed-in-action. During the Reaper War, Dr. Sannikov served as a doctor aboard the SSV Leipzig and later worked with Major Dr. Karin Chakwas aboard the Citadel following its reconstruction. Dr. Sannikov was recommended for service on the Abbottabad by Chakwas and he was named Chief Medical Officer.

Personality: Relying mostly on his medical and scientific knowledge, Dr. Sannikov is a rather reserved man. Preferring logic over emotion, he rarely indulges in leisure conversation with his colleagues and fellow servicemen, though he has be known to utilize his dry, sarcastic wit at times. He respects his commanding officers, though he will be the first to express his opinion when dealing with injuries and other situations that could lead to serious bodily harm.

Morality: Neutral

Likes: Logic, Scientific Reasoning, Medical Mysteries, Rational Decisions

Dislikes: Stupidity, Ignorance, Unnecessary Risks, Recklessness

Dr. Adrian Sannikov

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