Dirk Rann

Human, Mess Sergeant - SSV Abbottabad


Name: Dirk Rann
Rank: Serviceman First Class
Species: Human
Age: 25 Weight: 210 lb. Height: 5’10"


Personnel Overview

Brief History: Dirk Rann enlisted in the Alliance military during the Reaper War, and fought on Earth during the final battle with the Reapers. After sustaining an injury during the battle, Rann learned the culinary arts while he recovered at a military hospital and went on to become one of the finest chefs in the Alliance. He was hand-selected by Second Lieutenant Kiara Malgrav to serve aboard the Abbottabad as Mess Sergeant.

Personality: Because of his brief combat experiences, Rann was spared the cynicism many of his fellow soldiers have developed. He is practically always optimistic and loves to joke with the soldiers and personnel he cooks for, and maintains a strong admiration of front-line soldiers. He believes in order and stability above all, and he runs his kitchen very much the same way. Despite his rather hard-line stance, the cadets who have worked with him enjoy his friendly personality.

Morality: Paragon

Likes: Optimism, Humor, Cooking, Exotic Recipes, Respect for soldiers, Order

Dislikes: Disorder, Bad Cooking, Disrespect to soldiers, Apathy

Dirk Rann

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